Friday, May 31, 2013


About 7 years ago someone in our guild showed me how to make a Natasha bead out of scrap clay.  I made tons of beads.  A couple years ago I screwed one up and decided to flatten it and cut out a pendant with a cutter.  Since then, I've probably made about 200 of those because I always seem to have a lot of scrap clay  laying around.  This past Wednesday at our beading clay day, I did my Skinner blend wrong and ended up with pieces and some things I didn't like so I made a Natasha pendant.  Then I used the left over pieces I made the night before from the cane to show the girls how to make a pendant using Penni Jo's molds.  I just finished sanding and buffing the two pieces.  I didn't bake the Natasha bead until I got home and I managed to distort the pattern but I like it.  I think I need to sand and buff and mold pendant again, or not.

All the clay I used in both pendants have a small amount of pearl and a small amount of translucent in them.  When you see them up close you can see the pearl in the colors and it's really pretty.  Guess I should have baked it for at least 10 minutes before I wrapped it up to take it home.


MichelesArtJewelry said...

Natasha beads are so addicting - LOL! I bet your bead gals just loved them too. I bet this are just awesome up close :)

KayzKreationz said...

I don't know what a Natasha bead I'd, but I totally love this bead. I like the distorted pattern in it. It adds to the design to me. And I love the colors. I just haven't seemed to be able to get the knack to working with clay and making anything worthwhile. Will you be selling this bead? It's gorgeous.

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

I hadn't thought about selling it. Did you want it as a pendant? I could put a bail on it if you you would like me to and put it in my Etsy store.