Monday, May 20, 2013


Was there a life before polymer clay?  I still have friends that I stay in touch with that I went to high school with and friends that I worked with but I realized this morning that most of my close friends are ones that I've met because of our shared passion for polymer clay.  When I joined the Arizona Polymer Clay Guild I made friends that I absolutely cherish.  When I started teaching polymer clay at our beading club I made friends who are part of my daily life and I cherish all of them.  If it weren't for polymer clay, I wonder what I would be doing and who I would be hanging out with.  So, I'll tell you where this is leading.  About 6 months ago a woman joined out guild and we hit it off right from the get-go.  She is one of the most talented clay artists I've ever met and I just love her colors and unique things that she makes.  The fact that she has an incredible sense of humor is also what brought us together.  We have been supporting each other through some tough times the last couple months and she decided she needed to cheer me up and let me know how much she really cares.

These are the presents I got from her Saturday.  The thing in the middle is a card with a picture of a cat in a bag.  I've been laughing non stop every time I look at it.  I'm sure that's Buster's twin.  Check out the gorgeous pendants and the bead she made.  The bead was made from pieces of cane that she got from me in our cane swap.  I'm trying to figure out how I can wear all three at the same time.
She also gave me this incredible texture sheet.  You know there are going to be a lot of cat things made with this.  LOL
Please check out Michele's Etsy shop if you want to see some beautiful pieces.
Thanks again my dear Michele.  That card is sitting on my desk and it makes me smile non-stop.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I agree, Bonnie... Michele's work is beautiful, not to mention wonderfully varied. Friends are life's greatest blessing. If they share our favorite hobbies, double blessing!

MichelesArtJewelry said...

Thank you so much Monique- I really appreciate your kind words. I am truly double blessed with Bonnie :)

MichelesArtJewelry said...

Yay!! I figured this out Bonnie!! I am so lame at times - LOL!!

So, now let me say that I am blessed to have you as a friend and it's the least I could do for you, for all you have done for me :) And you are tooooo kind, my dear friend, for the praise and the plug for my shop!! Keep smiling.