Thursday, June 20, 2013


When I saw the turtle on Penni Jo Couch's blog, I got really excited.  I know, it's not a cat but she's working on that for me.  LOL  Normally I share my molds when I'm teaching a class or playing but this turtle mold shall never touch the hands of anyone but me.  Anyway, I was surprised this morning when I saw my turtles on Penni Jo's blog that was really nice of her.

Yesterday at our beading club one of the other ladies taught the braided rope technique from Desiree McCrorey's blog howTo_CABraidRainbowCane.htm.  We all did different colors and had a lot of fun.  This was my block when it was done and cut into.
I made a pendant with this but it needs sanding and buffing and then I'll post it.  I love these colors.  I wrapped my Skinner blends in black before I braided them and I think that's why the definition in the colors is so vibrant.  

This was Evelyn's.  She also covered her's in black.  Her colors are really southwest.  Love the turquoise and the amber and brown.

This was Debbie's braid after she started twisting it.


I'm making pens for a wedding shower and the brides colors are gold and navy.  I don't know if she went to Notre Dame or not.  I used Premo and did a Mokume Gane with navy, 18 kt gold, Jecru (Julie Picarello recipe of ecru, translucent and pearl)  I also made a sandwich with translucent with gold leafing in between.  I covered the pens and made small hearts to attach to them with the wedding date stamped on the back.  I have to put them together.  This heart is bigger than the rest because this is going to be the brides pen.
  I had some end pieces of the Mokume Gane so I did some pendants that I'm going to sand and buff again and made something for the door prizes.

I'll post pictures of the finished pieces when and if I get them done.  WHEW


Linda K. said...

Oh, your block is gorgeous! I love the colors and the way they blend. I just want to keep looking at it. It's so pretty that it doesn't even need to be made into anything!

What a nice idea to make the pens with the hearts for the wedding shower. I'm sure everyone will love them!

MichelesArtJewelry said...

Wow Bonnie - I love the colors of you and Evelyn's cane slices with the black!! Glad to hear your pens are almost done also. The bride will love them and great door prizes!

Lupe Meter said...

Awesome braided rope creations, you gals made! I can just see those as cabs on the turtles! :)
Beautiful work as always, Bonnie!