Thursday, July 4, 2013



Hope you have a wonderful day.

Please say prayers for the fire fighters who lost their lives in the Yarnell, AZ fire last Sunday.  Their families need prayers at this time.  This T-Shirt is being sold by  They are $10 and $7 will go to the people in Yarnell and their families.  I ordered 5 of them.  The fire has not been contained yet and even though we are 80 miles from there, we can still smell the smoke.  I have no ties to this company except for the fact that I called the owner to find out if this was real.  It is.  They give back to the community and I will support them.

I've been wearing my red, white and blue clothes and jewelry for a week now and today we probably aren't going any where because it's going to be 112 and very humid.

The bracelet is Kumihimo and the earrings are brick stitch.

Yesterday I baby sat my friends two dogs while she had the carpet cleaned.  Buster was not a happy camper.
This is Buster giving them the "Evil Eye".  That's how the picture turned out, I was laughing.  Look at his back hunching up.  He never does that.

This is Buster and Champ going nose to nose.  All hell broke loose right after that.

This is Beau.  He's thinking, those two idiots need to sit down and relax.

I wanted to do some clay yesterday but the cat ran under the bed and I couldn't get him out because every time I went under the bed, Champ went under there and Buster got even more upset.  Things are back to normal, Buster is watching the lizards on the patio and is very calm now.

Hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July.  Be safe.  Don't drink and drive and watch your children near water.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Poor Buster, I feel for him, Bonnie! You need another cat for "backup" I guess...

That is such a wonderful gesture on the part of XTreme Apparel. I hope their decision encourages other companies to show such solidarity.

Linda K. said...

Bonnie, I put a link on my blog to your post today so that more people will know about those brave firefighters and help support their families.

Poor Buster. He's used to being an only child, lol.

Anonymous said...

I love your animal. Type necklace with the teeth shapes
. Im in the process of making karge tiger teeth that look natural and I had an idea as far as a mold. I have a wood working shop so i cut out and sanded down tiger like teeth
My issue is this. What would you do to keep the clay from sticking to the wood so they will release? I could make them solid but thats a waste of clay and would be heavy. Got any ideas? :+) Dyan.