Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clay Day and New Tutorial

I'm having 3 friends over today for a clay day.  One of them is Michele Norine from Michele's Art Jewelery  My friend's Carol and Evelyn will also be here.  Michele is going to show us how to make an initial cane so we can cut slices and put them on the back of our hand made pieces.  I'll post some pictures when we are done.

Michele is also working on a new tutorial that she will be putting in her Etsy shop.  I was fortunate to be able to try it out for her.  It is really fun and the end product is spectacular.  The tutorial is almost like doing a puzzle but to me was much easier.  It all started with the pendants she gave me that looked like my Buster.
This is one of the pendants she gave me that I made into a purse bling/key chain.  She teaches all kinds of little tricks.  You can do it with all kinds of different textures.  She knows I'm a cat person so she did the cats.

These are the cat pendants I made with the incredible bails that she teaches you how to make.  I've ordered a ton of texture sheets to do this technique with.  She has so many different new ideas in this tutorial that you will be amazed.  I'll let you know when the tutorial hits Etsy.  I know you will enjoy it.  I'm going to try it with some butterfly textures I bought.

 A few months ago I made this cane called the braided cane.  I still have a really big chunk left.  I made this cross with Penni Jo Couch's flexible cross mold and than put Magic Glos on the top.  I love these colors.  Getting wild in my old age.

Today is National Girl Friends Day.  Tell your friends you love them.

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Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

I wish you guys lived closer, that would be so fun to get together to clay like that. I'll bet it was a great day. I'm thinking I might need to start converting all my local friends to clay, just so I can have a clay day of my own!