Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I mentioned that I belong to an International Polymer Clay Swap group.  I received my swap pieces from Laurel Steven on Monday and they are awesome.
This is the wreath and the twinchie that I received from Laurel.  The color of these two pieces is so rich everyone is begging Laurel to know how she made them.  She doesn't keep track of recipes and I totally know how that is.  I just don't understand people who make something and then write down what color they used and how much clay they used and how long they baked it.  I would never get anything done.  I admire people who can do that but it's just not me.
Thank you Laurel, I'm going to have a hard time getting this back once my friend Evelyn sees it.  I'll probably have to frisk her before she leaves the house.


This gorgeous necklace belongs to Lynda Moseley.  She has the tutorial that I told you about that brought my muse home after the holidays.  I was stunned when she asked me if she could have the pendant I made.  I did her tutorial the way she said but I had pieces left so I tore them and made the pendant.  Because of her tutorial, it sanded and buffed so beautiful that in real life it almost looks like it was cut from some rock area somewhere.  I was so shocked when I saw her blog about this necklace, my feet haven't hit the floor yet.
Talk about an inspiration.  I have 6 more pendants and had no clue what to do with them.
Lynda, you truly have been an inspiration to me since I've been doing clay.  I hope we get a chance to meet someday.  I promise I'll bring Buster.
If I can ever get him out from under the afghans.



Lupe Meter said...

Buster has the right afghans!! You did an awesome job with Lynda's wonder she asked if she could have one of your creations! I agree, Lynda is an inspiration alright...stunning necklace! This tute is on my list to do. Getting some paint the beginning of the month to try this tute, can hardly wait. Love your swap! Such a beautiful heart wreath and Twinchie!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I always enjoy your posts so much, Bonnie... Laurel's gifts are exquisite indeed. It is so validating to see something, created by your own hands, used by designers you admire... I had a taste of that last weekend, too. So exhilarating!