Monday, February 17, 2014


I've been trying to make a box full of things to donate to another clay guild for their retreat.  By this time last year I had 12 things done and ready to ship.  For the past year I've been getting migraines at least twice a week sometimes 3 and I would be down and out for two days with them.  I've been to many doctors and apparently there is no cure so they just keep giving me drugs.  I found a new doctor who told me to quit taking pain pills because they cause rebound headaches and she put me back on Imitrex which has helped tremendously.  I use to take them but one of the doctors I went to told me that women over 35 could have a stroke or heart attack from taking them.  My new doctor is young and well trained in medications and said there is no evidence to support this.  She is also sending me to a neurologist because I can't tolerate beta blockers or calcium channel blockers which is the new thing for migraines.  When I get a migraine I get flashing and lose my sight for 30 minutes and for about two hours I have trouble speaking because of the pain.  This new drug has been wonderful, my migraines are gone in 4 hours and I can function.  OK, so you migraine sufferers out there, if you aren't on Imitrex and you are taking a lot of pain pills, STOP, it makes the condition worse.  OK, I'm done on this but I wish I had known all this for the last 10 years especially about the rebound headaches.  I had a migraine yesterday but because of the Imitrex I was able to finish a piece.

This is gold, blue, white and pearl Premo done in Mokume Gane.  Then I used one of Penni Jo Couches molds.  The top has Magic Glos on it and then I put the word "Beautiful" on it.  The chain has an angel on it and I attached it to a toggle so it can hang on a wall or on a lamp.  I really like the way this turned out.  Those are my high school colors (had two friends remind me since we have a class reunion coming up this year).

Had a fun day at clay guild Saturday.  My friends Lupe Meter and Idelle Cheney did demos.  Lupe did a demo on transferring pictures to clay.  I'm going to try it again.  I've only had 3 that worked.  She thinks I need to use fresher clay so we are going to give a go.

Have a good Presidents Day.  Hope your muse is in full power.

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