Sunday, November 30, 2014


After I made the 3 foot eye cane, I had some end pieces from the cane so I made a pendant and put some steampunk watch parts on it.

I covered it with resin.  When it was finished, I took it into my husband in his office and showed it to him.  I said "do you know what this is" he said "it's a big eye with steampunk parts on it".  I said "no, it's watch parts so it's "EYE-m WATCH-ing YOU".  He said "please get out of my office".

I got a new camera and it has an app for taking pictures of animals so I thought I would try taking a picture of Buster.
 I usually use Picasa to fix my pictures but when I downloaded this I thought it was pretty good without fixing.  I took a movie of him when the aliens were here invading his head but it was too long to upload.  One permanent feature in the hallway of my house is my vacuum cleaner.  I have never had a cat that spread so much cat litter.  Got any ideas, let me know.

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