Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This is Buster's feet on the day I brought him home from his surgery.  His left paw was so swollen it was hard for him to walk.  Today is a HAPPY DAY because he gets his stitches out and I know he will feel better.


When a cat has a urinary tract infection there is special food that he can eat for that.  Well, my Buster is very finicky about his food.  They gave me a can of Hill's Prescription C/D chicken for cats with UTI's.  I put it in his bowl, he pushed it across the floor and then made believe he was burying it like it was poop in a litter box.  So I got out the old food and he snarfed that up.  The new food is $1.78 a can.  He doesn't understand the meaning of money yet.  I told the doctor and they gave me some little cans of chicken stew that were the same brand.  He liked those.  So, off I went to Pet Smart and filled up my cart with Hill's chicken stew and a bag of C/D hard/dry food.  Got to the check out and he asked for my prescription.  I guess I was shocked because my friend Evelyn said I yelled at the top of my lungs and said "THIS IS CAT FOOD".  I did not know in order to buy that food you have to have a prescription.  So I went to the hospital in the pet store and asked for a prescription and told her my cat just had 20 stones taken out and he needed some of the Hill's cat food.  She said I had to have the doctor fax her a prescription.  I can't repeat what I was thinking.  So I went to the doctor's and told them what happened and they got mad because they sell the food there and the cans are cheaper but the hard food is the same price.  BUT, aha, they didn't have any chicken stew so she said try this kind of chicken in the can.  I could tell what he was thinking when I put the dish down.  He walked away after one sniff.  So this was working almost as good as the water bowls with the tuna fish water in that I put all over the house hoping he would drink more.  I knocked two of them over because I forgot they were there.  Now my office smells like tuna fish and he didn't drink any.  So yesterday I take my prescription to Pet Smart and fill my cart with chicken stew and go up to check out with my prescription and she says "You have to go to the hospital with that and they will verify it and give you a card in order to buy that food".  You can't imagine what was going through my head now.  I love this cat more than anything in the world but I'm starting to think that these cat food makers are playing a game and this is why they can charge more.  And, the stew only comes in little cans so I had to buy more cans.
When I came out of Pet Smart, John wanted to know why it took me so long.  I guess the smoke coming out of my ears wasn't an answer.  

Did you know there is C/D, I/D, W/D/, M/D, P/D and about two dozen more kinds of cat food?  And, they are all prescription.  Who would have thought?????????????


My Godson and his wife are going to have their first baby in April.  I'm so excited.  My sister is having a shower for them in February in Chicago.  I can't make it because I'm going to Florida to visit my mom.  She is going to be 90 so I wanted to be there for her birthday.
Many years ago I bought some crystal nail files and covered them in clay.

A lady in Prescott saw the files and asked if she could sell them in her store.  Kept me very busy.  I offered to make some for the shower.  What was I thinking????????????  My dear sister wants 50 of them as attendee gifts.  She has her specifications too.  LOL.  I guess I better get back to work if I want to get them done.  I'll put up a picture after the shower.  Don't want to ruin the surprise.  HI HO, HI HO, it's back to work I go.


Lupe Meter said...

Wow Bonnie, you have been busy caring for your Buster...poor little guy! I did not know you needed a prescription from the vet to purchase special diets for cats. Well, glad Buster is on the mend. You sure will be busy making files for that shower. How fun though that you get to go to Florida for your mom's 90th Birthday! I am sure it will be a grand party. :)

Linda K. said...

Geez, Bonnie. I think you showed incredible control! I'm afraid I might have spoken the bad words out loud. I've never had a cat so I had no idea about prescription food. I'm glad that Buster is doing better.

Those nail files are beautiful! I know everyone will be thrilled to get them.

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Pat Sernyk said...

We had a similar experience at pet's mart last year when we unexpectedly ran out of c/d for Molly. I still steam whenever I go by that store. I won't let Daisy near there.