Thursday, January 29, 2015


My Godson and his wife are going to have their first baby in April which means my sister will be a grandmother for the first time.  They decided that they didn't want to know whether it was a boy or girl so it's difficult to buy a gift unless it's yellow or green.  Well, my sister is having a shower for them so I said I would make little "Take Homes".  Little did I know she was going to have 45 people there.  The theme of the shower is HEARTS in pastel colors since it's near Valentines Day.
So, I ended up making 50 files with pink, blue, yellow, green and white hearts on the different backgrounds and putting Swarovski crystals in them and on the black case.  When I got done with those I had all that pastel clay left over so I kept going.

I made 50 hearts with bears on them using Penni Jo Couches mold.  I had ordered some baby charms that I was going to put on the bottom but ended up putting them in the hands of the bears.

Thank goodness for a motor for my pasta machine because my arm is still sore and cranking that pasta machine with all that clay would have done me in.

A couple weeks ago I was at our hospital and stopped in the gift shop.  They had so much wonderful baby stuff.  While I was looking, the lady working in there came up and showed me this bear.  It talks, I started crying and of course the bear went home with me.  I also had to buy a pair of baby pants that said "I POOD" on the back.  They fit the bear.  The bear talks to the new baby and welcomes it to the world and tells the baby how important family is.  I can't wait till my sister sees it, I know she will cry.  I made it an ear warmer and I'm knitting a baby blanket that I will wrap it in when I send it so they can open it at the shower.

My favorite thing about this bear is at the end.  He says we all come with the label that says


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

What beautiful little shower keepsakes and what a unique idea, Bonnie :)

So sorry to read dear little Buster has been ailing :( If only we knew how to "explain" to our cats what is good for them. Right. Like one does with a toddler ;)

Lupe Meter said...

You did an awesome job with those files and hearts! They will love them! I love that Bear...hoping they will still have them around when my daughter-in-law is ready to have her little one. Though now I am told that her dad is a thinking a good possibility she may have twins! :) It was good to see Buster doing much better! Hugs!

Linda K. said...

Those shower favors are so clever and so pretty, Bonnie. I need to have your drive!

Knightwork Studio said...

Lucky folks going to that shower, you did good.

That is a delightful little bear and you are dressing it up so cute. That little girl or boy is going to love it.