Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Tomorrow I will be flying from Arizona to Florida to spend time with my mom.  Her birthday is the 17th and she is going to be 90 so most of my family will be there to celebrate.  I don't like Florida and that's why we moved to Arizona.  When I was young I got bit by a jelly fish and swore I would never go in the Atlantic ocean again.  Another year I came home with a bug in my ear from being down at the beach.  Needless to say my Florida trips haven't been good memories.  Bugs and humidity.

On the up side, I belong to a facebook group called International Polymer Clay Swap. My swap mate for this time was Jainnie Jenkins from Kentucky.  This swap was geared around Tina Holden's "Gilded Paths" GET IT HERE.  It really is a fun tutorial and we all had to make something with it to swap.

These are the pieces I sent Jainnie.  I threw in an ear warmer since they had snow in Kentucky.  We also do twinchies with each swap and a good friend gave me a mold for the lion.  He has crystal eyes and he will protect her.  I'm a Leo so I love anything with lions.

This is what I got from Jainnie.  I love the pendant in the upper left.  It's going to be hard trying to decide which piece I want to wear, I love them all.  This has been a great experience and I've made new friends and learned a lot of new things from the swap and from the new friends I've made.

I made a blanket for Noah before I sent him off to the shower.  Buster didn't want me to take it.  He loved that blanket.  John thinks I should make one just like it for Buster.  Do any of you make blankets for their cats????????  It sure was soft.

I just love this bear.

Have a good two weeks and thanks for stopping by.

Happy Valentines Day from Bonnie and Buster.

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