Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I'm not sure why I haven't blogged in so long but I thought maybe I should start again.

A friend asked me to show her how to make pens covered in Kumihimo.  It took me a lot of pens to get it right and figure out how to do it so the cords on the pen don't slip and slide.  Well, I finally found the answer and I'm very happy but I'm not sharing it right now.  Maybe later.  These are made using Kumihimo and the snow flakes are polymer clay with a lot of glitter on them.

These are my new passion.  They are bookmarks with beaded Kumihimo.  Gave them as Christmas presents and everyone loved them.

My husband and I went on a cruise in November with 20 of my relatives.  It's called the Harmony of the Seas.  There were 6,000 people on this ship and 800 kids which is 799 kids more than I care to be with on vacation.  The ship was too big and we walked about 8 miles a day.  Some of the people were really rude and I thought that was bazaar.  My husband and I will never go on a ship this big again.  Two days before the ship landed I lost my voice.  The day we got off the ship in Fort Lauderdale, it was 90 degrees and 95 percent humidity.  We spent the night at a hotel and by Sunday, I was really sick.  Got home and was sick for 3 weeks.  Was very happy to be home.  No more big ships for us.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  One of my dearest friends who will turn 80 in July just found out she has invasive breast cancer so the next two or three months are going to be stressful.  If you get a chance and have a little time, please send a prayer her way.

Thank you.

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