Sunday, April 2, 2017

Put Your Earrings Here While I Do Magic On Your Hair

A friend was visiting a couple weeks ago and he's an amazing hair stylist in Indiana.  I wanted to make him something special out of polymer clay to take home with him.

This is an earring dish for his clients to put their earrings in while he is working on them.  The top picture is the front of the bowl and the bottom picture is the bottom of the bowl. 

I used Syndee Holt's Disco silk screen on a Skinner blend of purple, white and turquoise.  I used black paint but when I went to put the Pan Pastels on the back, the black paint on the front took the powder.  That was after the first baking.  The bottom part was a second baking and putting the flat stand was a third baking.  Then I sprayed it with PYMII 3 times on each side and rebaked it at 200 degrees for an hour.

He loved it.  Especially with his name on it.

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The JR said...

Amazing earring dish! That's a lot of time to create it too. Perfect example of why I tell people over and over, I don't want to sell mosaics. Too much time. They don't realize what it takes to create art.

I DO a lot of stuff and give it away to friends and family. But, for people who are not friends or family.....I'd have to charge what it's worth. And, most people don't think art is worth as much as I would charge.

Beautiful dish. Love all the techniques you applied to create the piece. I know he love it and will cherish it.