Saturday, January 30, 2010


I don't have my buttons out of the tumbler yet but I happen to get some good pictures the last couple of days of other things besides polymer clay buttons.  This is what we saw from our house this morning, it was beautiful.  The sun rises and and sun sets here take your breath away.
This picture was taken 2 days ago.  The sun was shining and then we got a couple drops of rain and out came a double rainbow.
Now that my computer is in the dining room because of the rains causing a leak in my studio/office, Booboo is very upset.  He likes sitting on my desk while I work on the computer and he likes holding the mouse while I'm working or playing Pogo.  I don't allow him on the dining room table or any other table so he is pretty angry.  In this picture he was standing up and pulling on my shirt sleeve wanting to get on the table.  When I told him no, he gave me that funny look.  I'm glad I captured it.  He's a stitch.

These are my three friends Scooter, Beau and little Annie.  Scooter is staying with them till his folks get back next week.  Annie is the little Yorkie that my friends rescued right before Christmas.  She was a little underfed and ragged but she's doing wonderful now.  Scooter's a funny guy.  He gets up, goes out to potty, gets a drink and then goes back to bed.  And, he sleeps under all the covers.

These are two polymer clay necklaces that I sold on Etsy not too long ago.  The same lady bought both of them.  I got a nice message from her saying that her husband liked the beige and blue one the best and now he watches my Etsy shop to see what I'm putting in there.  He wanted a piece for his sister so I better get busy.

My friend Rose and I are taking her grand daughter over to see the puppies today and then I have to get busy with the buttons.  I'll post the pictures when I get these done but I have ideas for more.
Stay Tuned

Today's the funeral.  RIP Joey

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful necklaces, Bonnie. I need to start adding the seed beads to my necklaces. It really brings out the colors.
Love the pictures of your little friends! My son's dog who lives with me now, loves sleeping under the covers and does he ever snore. I don't know how they can breathe under the covers all night long, but they do!