Thursday, June 3, 2010



A couple days ago I was looking on "Etsy for Animals".  There was a new website mentioned called Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary and they were selected as June's charity for the month. I was so happy to see that first of all it was here in Scottsdale, AZ and not only did they help dogs and cats but they also take care of rabbits, goats, horses and other animals.  While looking through the website I found a link to an Etsy shop called Desert Sunset Designs by Heather .  Being the cat person that I am, I found the perfect bag and also found out that Heather donates 50% of the cost of her items to Tranquility Trail.  I thought this would be a great way to support a good organization and get myself a cute bag at the same time.  Got my bag in the mail today and I love it.


Not only was I delighted with the cat bag, Heather sent me another one of her beautiful bags for being her first customer.  I know my sister is going to want this one.  It's a crocheted bag and fully lined and has a gorgeous button.

Please go to her website and check out her beautiful bags and help her support Tranquility Trails.

Thank you Heather for the beautiful bags.


I haven't done any polymer clay in a week or so.  I've been making golf stroke counters to send to my sister and I've been bead crocheting and making Delica bead necklaces for my pendants.  Then I decided I wanted to do some beading.  I had made some bracelets using Swarovski Crystals in the "X -O" pattern and wanted to try it with pearls.  I did two and already gave one away to a very appreciative friend.  And here they are:

This one is mine.  It has yellow pearls and purplish Swarovski crystals and a great magnetic clasp.


The green one on the bottom is the one I gave to my friend.  I bought the pearls at a local bead store and I'm not happy with them.  They were a little mis-shapen and some had what looked like water marks on them that I didn't notice when I bought them.  I bought a string of copper ones that look like they were painted on the string and they had tips on the ends.  This bead place does not take returns so I'll have to make something that hides the flaws.  Will be more careful when buying pearls.

LET'S GET OUT THERE AND HELP THOSE ANIMALS.  I found another new site called "Piggy Poo".  It's about helping guinea pigs.  I asked my husband if we could be foster parents for about 5 guinea pigs.  Wish you could have seen the look on his face.

Tomorrow is "NATIONAL DONUT" Day.  He's so excited.  I guess this means we will be eating lunch at Krispy Kreme.  A few more donuts and I'll be wearing his shorts and then see how he likes it.  He's the same guy that says "Donuts Make You Smart".  I wonder if they have a Mensa Donut Club in Arizona??????

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