Friday, June 11, 2010


It's late and I'm tired and my tumbler let me down.  I made more black and white Zebra flower beads.  I put 3 in the tumbler and moved it to the guest bathroom where it was cooler.  The beads came out yellow again.  I have to sand them.  I'm glad I didn't put the whole bunch in there.  So now the question is "do I want to sand all these little beads by hand and buff them or do I want to put Diamond Varathane on them"?  Doesn't seem like a big decision does it.  Let me know what you think?


Had some left over clay that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with.  Made another flower cane.

Had some ends left that I made a spiral bead from.  It isn't baked yet but I like the colors.

Maybe tomorrow night we will have some beads made from the cane or some more canes.  I have about 20 pounds of odds and ends pieces of clay and I'm trying to use them up before I open more packages.

I made a Miter Cane today from the Cindy Lietz Friday tutorial.  It turned out great but I didn't like the colors so it went in the scrap pile.  It was the orange and green that is the center of the flower.  It was yucky so now it's the middle of an odd colored flower cane.  Ha ha ha.


surfingcat said...

Sorry about your tumbler discolouring your beads even in the new location. I prefer a sanded and buffed finish myself but if you have a lot of little beads.....

Like the flower cane.

Anonymous said...

You make me
Love your flower cane! I need to do that too...I have so much opened clay that I need to use it up before opening more clay up. Looks like you may need a new tumbler, maybe? You know I what I would do...sand and buff..but that is me, I am sure you will figure it sorry about the beads.

Fabi said...

Tus trabajos fabulosos !!!!

Kathy said...

My tumbler always used to turn my polymer green (I had been using Dawn soap). Then I used a white colored soap and it turned all of my beads yellow. I finally used a perfectly clear soap (one of those eco-friendly, no scents, dyes, or anything that cleans well brands... lol) and my stuff came out great. It's obviously not as good as sanding and buffing, but it can at least give you a nice look if you have 60 tiny beads and you really don't feel like sanding them all.