Sunday, June 6, 2010


Was walking through Michael's the other day and saw some Lisa Pavelka water slide transfers.  They looked interesting so I bought a couple packs.  The first one I put on a bead and put translucent clay over it thinking I could do a porcelain bead like in the Debbie Anderson class I took.  Well, those transfers don't bend and I think my trnaslucent was too thick.  So I tried again and here they are:

Actually this picture is of me a couple years ago when my hair was still red.  LOL

I used Magic Glos on this one and I'm getting to the bottom of bottle.  I didn't see the bubbles until I took the picture.  I found that with the Magic Glos, if you run a flame over it, the bubbles will disappear just like when you do that to UV Resin.  The transfer is really pretty but it's made of a plastic and needs to be handled gently once the back comes off.  The bubbles are really tiny and you don't see them that well in person.  The camera really makes those things stand out.  The transfer has to be flattened because of the water on it, it tends to make it move around and get wrinkled.  I'm going to try to do a couple more on baked clay and see if that works better.

This one which I love because of the picture and the saying also has a small bubble on the left in the clay that I didn't see.  It doesn't show up as much when looking at it in person.  I used Perfect Pearls on the sides of the picture and poked a hole in the side and did a little wire wrapping.  It has flaws but so do I so we fit together well.  I believe this picture is from WWII and I was born right after that so I know "WE CAN DO IT".


This cute little guy is a new stamp I found.  You know I love cats.  He will probably end up being a pin for my friend who has a cat that looks like him.

This cat has Magic Glos on him also.  Right now it's 110 here in Arizona and running out in the sun might be what's causing the bubbles in my pieces.  I have to put sun screen on just to go get the mail.  I love getting in the car with leather seats after it's been sitting outside for awhile.  I try to do it a couple times a day with shorts on because I figure it burns the cellulite off my thighs. 

My friend always says "IT'S A 100 AND STUPID" anytime it goes over 100.  My glos dries before I get it to the table outside.  Had two quail looking in our patio door with a sign asking for cold beer.

Today I made a black and white flower cane.  It's actually very pretty.  My camera keeps turning things pink, might be time for a new camera.  This cane was made with white, pearl and black Premo and the outside is Fimo translucent.  I didn't wait for it to rest before I cut it.  Don't have patience to do that.  It's so hot in my studio when the lights are on, I'm surprised the canes don't cook while I'm making them.

A few weeks ago at our clay guild meeting we had a demo on doing the Christi Freisen Peppermint Twist pendant.  Since that time all my friends have done 8 or 9 and I only did one.  We were suppose to use Swarovski Rivolis but since I have 800 pices of that flat glass, I decided to use that for my test piece.  I thought it was too big but my friends didn't, so, I made a Herringbone necklace for it with Delica seed beads.  Since I made this I found out that BIG is in this year as far as jewelry.  Wish they meant butts.

Tomorrow my friend Lupe and I are going to take a cabachon beading class.  I have quite a few books and tried a little one so I'm self taught but I like taking classes and this lady we are taking the class from does beautiful work and I think she has some tricks for making it easier to start.  I'll blog with a picture when I finish it.  I'm still working on my second crocheted necklace and it's turning out good, but I'm still a little slow.  Great thing to do if you can't sleep at night or want to listen to an audio book.

Gotta go, the quail are at the door again because we are the only ones in our neighborhood that haven't left for somewhere cool.  Yesterday it was coyotes at the door asking for frozen Margharitas.


surfingcat said...

lol don't envy you that heat!

I love that black and white flower cane!

You always post so many new things at once, I think you must be a busy lady!

Fiona said...

Oooh to have such heat. Like this new work of yourrs, you try out lots of techniques I am not brave enough to try.

Phaedrakat said...

Bonnie, you are hilarious! I live in SoCal, so our heat's not quite as bad as yours. We only get 100 and stupid for about a month. I have seen those birds with the signs, though. They do love their alcohol, don't they?

I love what you've been up to lately. The transfers, the pendant, all gorgeous. But I totally fell in love with your flower cane and the bead you made with it. That flower cane stopped me in my tracks, maybe because of the simple black/white or--I don't know. I just love it! I will be making one just like it very soon (I'll call it my Bonnie Cane.) Thanks for cheering me up with your fabulous humor! ~Kat

PS Thanks also for the tip--I've never heard about hot leather burning off cellulite!