Monday, January 24, 2011


We are having our house painted today so John told me I had to leave because I'm so sensitive to chemicals and he didn't want me to get a headache.  I had just finished making a cute cat and a bear to put in my Artfire shop with the other ones so I put these guys in the oven in the garage.  Took my shower and went to check on the animals.  The entire garage was filled with smoke and it stunk.  I opened the door and yelled at John to tell him the garage was on fire.  Didn't mean to give him a heart attack.  This is what's left:

As you can see, the handle even burned off.

I have been baking clay in the garage for 8 years and never had a fire before.

For those of you who do clay and bake it in your house, please take warning from this.


I thought I was.  I don't know what made me go check on it because I was getting dressed to go out and normally wouldn't have gone back out there.  My lesson now is to check every 15 minutes when something is cooking.  Now I'm scared.

Well, I guess I'll make a trip to Joann's to buy a new oven since I have a coupon.  The car still stinks. Phooey.


Lupe Meter said...

That is pretty scary, Bonnie! Glad your garage didn't burn down. Perhaps it was time to get another oven...maybe your oven had some electrical problem or something and could have started a fire in your house. Glad you are ok.

Melobeau said...

OMG Bonnie, So glad that you and your house are OK. That must have been so scary. Poor Cat and Bear, but it could have been so much worse. Whatever it was that made you go back and check the oven, sure glad it did. Hope that you are doing OK with the toxic smell.

Melobeau said...

Hope it's OK that I posted a link at PCC to help warn other people. (hindsight, maybe I should have asked you first.....)

Jackie said...

Whew Bonnie, wonderful thing that you checked! On a lighter note, do you suppose that cat and bear got cold while out in the garage and turned up the thermostat themselves? LOL! Just kidding, of course. So glad all is okay.

coltpixy said...

omg how scary! It is a good thing you caught it before it spread.

Knightwork Studio said...

Thank goodness you caught it when you did!! The smell of burning polymer clay is really yucky... I've never burned anything in the oven but I have a time or two with my heat gun. So glad you are okay. I will keep a closer watch on my oven from now on. Bj