Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Last weekend I went on a bus trip to Palm Springs with my girl friend.  We went on a 13 passenger luxury bus.  The tour guide had a PHD. in clinical psychology which I thought was a great idea since he was traveling with 9 women.

The little trailer in the back is where our luggage was.  We made a lot of stops because there was no potty on the bus.  On the bus off the bus, on the bus off the bus.  Lot's of that all weekend.

Our first stop after checking in at the hotel was going on the Tram.  I have a fear of heights so this was quite a scare for me.

As you can see, this wasn't a trip for the weak of heart.  It goes up 8500 feet.  It carries 80 people and the floor turns 360 degrees as you go up.  There are 5 towers and every time it hits one of the towers it jolts.  It was 80 degrees in Palm Springs and 35 degrees on the top of the mountain and there was 4 feet of snow up there.  We came down in the dark so you could see the lights of all the cities.

This is the view going down the mountain from the tram.  Kind of scary.

Saturday morning we went on a bus tour of the stars homes in Palm Springs.  I guess you know who's house this was.  I added the little note on it just as a joke.

After the stars tour we went to a date farm and had a date shake.  I learned that dates have 24 calories and more antioxidants and potassium than 3 bananas so I bought 6 pounds of dates.  You've never had a date till you've had a fresh picked date.  They are like caramel candy.  I've eaten about 3 pounds so far.  I should be pretty healthy. LOL  After the date farm we went downtown Palm Springs and then to The Follies. 

 The youngest person in the Follies was 56.  The women dancing and singing in the Follies had the bodies of 30 year olds.  They ranged in age from 64 to 78.  The oldest man in the Follies was 81 and still tap dancing.  I know they were wearing spandex but spandex can only hold in just so much.  These ladies were awesome.  You have to go see the Follies if you go to Palm Springs.

One of the best things we learned about Palm Springs is that they loved Sonny Bono when he was the mayor. Our tour guide said he did more for Palm Springs and the city than any other mayor they had.

Too bad all the good guys die young.

It was a very interesting trip.  Why is it on all trips there has to be two people who know everything about everything?  This trip was no exception.  We did have a few laughs about this though. 

Oh well, grin and bear it.  Back to clay.  I have to make 18 pendants for a swap for our clay guild.  Must be done by February meeting.  I better get busy.

I'll post them when I get them finished.

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Melobeau said...

Sounds and LOOKS like you had wonderful trip and had a great time. Congratulations for conquering your fear of heights and taking the tram. What a great view. Glad you are enjoying your date with the dates.