Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've always loved cameos. This pendant is probably 70 years old.  It's missing the stone in the necklace.  It belonged to a dear friend who left it to me when she died about 30 years ago.

I bought some 2 part mold making silicone from Terry Morris at so I thought I would try it with this cameo.

This is the mold.  They don't need a release agent.  I need to clean up the top of the pendant with a blade.  The clay pendant came out a little distorted on the top.  Kind of like me. LOL

I have to make 18 pendants for my clay guilds swap but I don't think this is going to be it.

I used some black clay to make the pendant.  Sanded and Buffed it.  Not sure where the gold highlights are coming from.  I antiqued it in white and didn't like that result so I redid with burnt umber and a copper mix.

The paint in the outside holes isn't dry yet.  Might take a tooth brush to it when it's dry to make it less obvious.

Yesterday we took our friend Evelyn out for her birthday.  We went to the Borgata in Scottsdale (very phuphu).  We ate at an organic restaurant.  The food was very good but the place was kind of empty.  I gave Evelyn some fancy measuring spoons and a Michael's gift certificate.  Rose and Judy made her handmade gifts (I feel bad but she liked the Michael's card).

This is the beautiful necklace Judy made for her.  Don't you love my use of the dish for the picture?

This is the gorgeous bracelet Rose made for her.

I have an excuse, I've been sick for 2 weeks with a cold.  These girls sure do awesome work.

Hope my muse comes back so I can figure out what I'm going to do and do it 18 times.  LOL

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Melobeau said...

Cameo mold pull came out lovely! Great idea to make a mold of the original. I like the way the gold antiqueing snuck it. Looks nice! Evelyn's party sounds like it was such fun...and yes, I DO like the dish background for the pretty necklace.