Friday, March 25, 2011

DON'T LET THE ?@$%t^&^&**() GET YOU DOWN

I know that is a peculiar title but that's what a friend said to me today after an incredible experience. 

Last Saturday our city had it's spring craft fair.  I did really well and I was all excited.  I received some notes from the people that were working the fair and one is that a lady had bought my golf stroke counters and wanted more, would I please call her.  I got the message Wednesday morning and called in the afternoon.  She said they were going back to their summer home and wanted some of my golf stroke counters to take back with her as gifts.  I told her I had a few and that I would make some more and bring them over to her on Friday (today).  I make my own beads out of polymer clay for my golf stroke counters so it's not like I just put a bunch of beads together.  I worked fuiously Wednesday night, all day Thursday and even got up at 5 this morning to finish more so she would have something to pick from.  She made it sound like she wanted quite a few for her friends in the golf league.  I had 6 available and made 8 more.  Went to her house and she looked at my counters and showed me one she bought her friend.  She asked if she could exchange it because she liked one that I had in the tray better so I said sure.  Her husband walked in and she introduced us and the first thing he said was "you don't need to buy another one of those".  She told him what she was planning on doing and why I was there but she asked him to go out in the garage and find the one she bought for herself to show me.  She went out with him and they were gone 5 minutes or more.  When she came back in there was no mention of buying any counters but she wanted my card so her friends could contact me if they wanted one when they saw the one she had.  I believe they had some words while out in the garage.  I packed up my stuff and left.  I've never had that happen before.  I was pretty upset.  My husband wanted to go over and punch them and I had another friend who said she wished she would have been  with.  She would have wresteled them to the floor till they bought both trays.  What would you have done?

These are some of the counters I made in the last two days.  Guess I'll put them on Artfire or Etsy and see if I can find them a good home.


I did have an order for another frame that I also finished this week.  It's for a lady that has 2 golden labs "Charlie and Louie".  She wanted everything in purple.  They wear purple collars and I guess it means they are special and in their hearts forever.  Not sure if I have that right.

You can click on the picture to see the frame close up.  It has dog bones and feet and dogs on it.


Today I got an email from Penni Jo Couch who is the owner of Best Flexible Molds.  I have purchased many of her molds and I love them.  I use them constantly to make beads for The Beads of Courage.  So far this year I've handed in 100 little bears and dogs and they were made with Penni's molds.  Anyway, she sent me an email saying she was making me a special bear mold.  I'm so excited.  See, there are nice people in the world.  If you do clay, you have to have her molds.  She is an absolute peach to deal with. her cabochon molds are great too.
These are some of the latest ones that I did.  The little heart with the cat in it is one of Penni's molds also.
Thanks Penni, you are a dear and the kids love these beads.

OK, back to the pens for the guild swap and sister's wedding shower table presents and putting the counters on Artfire and oh I better play with the cat, he hasn't had much attention in the last two days.


Ellie AKA Claylady43 said...

Dearest Bonnie,

You too are a sweetheart. Your love and care for sick children shows a kind and generous heart.

Thank you for the kind words. 'Can't wait to see your new bear buttons.
Penni Jo

Mª Reyes said...

Todo maravilloso. Es imposible decir cual me gusta más, ME GUSTAN TODOS. Besos

Desert Rubble said...

Well, geeze, isn't that something? And you even let her exchange to get a different one, too, what a shame because you know Karma is B@#%&.

The new counters are beautiful (especially the purple =) and the frame is gorgeous!

That's so wonderful she's making a special bear mold for you Bonnie, you really deserve it, too! I am proud to have you and your gracious and generous heart as a friend =)

Cherie said...

Your counters are just gorgeous! That wasn't very nice specially after you let her exchange it.

Lupe Meter said...

I love your frame, Bonnie and your counters are beautiful! I can't believe she did that to you after you exchanged the one counter. What goes around comes around...that is what I say. Next time she will be on the other end and it won't be so nice. Hey, I will buy one from you...especially now that I am golfing. 8D

Lupe Meter said...

Save me a purple one and let me know how much. Thanks! 8D