Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As you know, my friend Judy has just been published in Polymer Cafe with her little pots.  Judy has only been doing clay for a couple years.  Prior to this, she never wore jewelry and now she carries about 8 pounds around with her. LOL

Last month our clay guild had a pendant swap and Judy made beads out of clay that she made by doing the Sutton Slice.  She had some left over clay and used it to make this incredible necklace.

For someone who never wore jewlery or made jewelry, her pieces are incredible.  She really thinks outside the box.  I have quite a few pieces that Judy made me and I'm still in awe of her use of wire and metal. 


I was really surprised this week.  Last month I was accepted to join the Polymer Clay Smooshers of Artfire.  They are a very talented group of polymer clay artists.  I felt very privileged to have my Artfire store added to their list.  On February 28th they published an article on their blog about me.  It's a really nice article.  You can read it here


Yesterday I went to say goodbye to Angel.  Sweet little thing was taken on Sunday night.  Shine down on us Angel and tell Annie we said hello.

Bless all you furry little creatures out there who have given us unconditional love. Thank you all.

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Lupe Meter said...

So sorry to hear about Angel...8(

Good article on ArtFire...congrats! Glad you joined the group!

Judy can really use her extra "stuff" to make amazing creations!