Friday, April 15, 2011


OK, the burro poop didn't work for me.  I have a bag of dried burro poop if anyone is interested.  For sale, CHEAP.  Got a free room and some free food at the casinos and had a good time but the burro poop must only work for the person that picks it up off the ground.


Tomorrow is our monthly guild meeting and we are having a pen swap.  These are a few that I made.

They have a lucky lady bug in the middle of the heart and the top part is a magnetic beaded piece so it will go on the refrigerator.  I put them in a bag with a magnetic list note pad so it can also go on the refrigerator.  I made pendants for each bag and stamped everyone's name on the back of the pendant.  Attached the pendant to to swivel lobster so it go on a purse or bag.  One of our girls is a motorcycle mama so I made a special one for her.

This one I made out of the cane I made last week.  This one is for a really sweet lady with a big heart.


My friend Evelyn made some frames for her great niece and nephew who are twins and Evelyn is a twin.  They love horses and cowboys.  Evelyn was an art major and taugh art her whole working life.  She's also got macular degeneration and is having considerable problems seeing.  I think she does great even though things are usually pretty blurry for her.  These are the frames she did.

YEAH EVELYN.  Love that cowgirl hat that she hand made.  These are all covered in polymer clay.  The horses and boots are Jesse James buttons that she used some Rub n Buff on.  I think these are awesome.

Can't wait to see the pens I get tomorrow.  I'm making little bears right now for The Beads of Courage so I better get back to work.  Just wanted to put in an update on the burro poop.

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Lupe Meter said...

Love your pens, Bonnie...almost wished I had participated! I am sure everyone will enjoy those! Those frames you gals are creating are awesome!