Sunday, April 10, 2011

LUCKY BURRO POOP???????????????

Some friends of mine live in Bullhead City, Arizona which is right across the Colorado river from Laughlin, Nevada which is like a little Las Vegas.  Anyway, they all say that if you take some burro poop and sit on it while you are gambling it brings good luck.  My friend brought me back a bag of poop that they got from Oatman, AZ.  It's an old mining town and the miners brought the burros to pull the carts.  Now the burros walk all over the town and go in the stores and get fed by the people in the town.  They pretty much have the run of the town and the story is, their poop is very lucky especially when you are gambling.

My husband said I should make pendants out of the poop so I wouldn't have to sit on it???????  It kind of looks like marijuana when it's in the bag.

WELL, I made two pendants out of polymer clay and cut the middles out, baked them and filled them with a thin layer of resin, put them out in the sun to harden.  I baked the burro poop to make it sterile.  My office smelled so bad even the cat left.  I used tweezers and put some burro poop in the pendants and put more resin over the top.  Put them back in the sun to harden and they looked really good.  Put another coat of resin on and put them back on the wall in the sun.  Did not know that the neighbor was going to have his yard done (cut and blown).  Forgot about the pendants.  After an hour of blowing I remembered the pendants and when I brought them in, the resin was all yukky.  I think they may have fallen in the rocks when the guys were blowing the back yard and they picked them up and put them back on the wall.  I had checked them earlier and they were looking clear and clean.

OK, now you are laughing.  Not very lucky burro poop so far.  As you can see, the resin is pretty well screwed up.  I tried to sand it and that made it worse.  We are going to Laughlin Tuesday so I'm going to take these with me and sit on them anyway.


Lupe Meter said...

Too funny...about the burro poop! I have never heard of it. lol
Let me know if brings you luck. Have fun!

Rose said...

You are too funny

Jodie L. said...

Only YOU would come up with this, Bonnie...Of course, we are all waiting to hear on Saturday what kind of "Cha-ching" the machines made for you and your lucky poop! Have fun!!