Saturday, May 14, 2011


How much clay and how many beads can one person have?  We need to start an organization for people like me who can't stop buying polymer clay and beads.  We can call it PBA (Polymer Clay and Beaders Annonymous).  Oh no, that's taken (Professional Bowler's Association).  Well, if you come up with a name let me know and we'll have the first meeting at my house.

Yesterday we took my friend Judy out for her birthday.  We went to Tempe to one of Arizona's biggest beading stores first.  I didn't need anything.  My bag weighed 7 pounds when we left.  Then we went to a huge art supply store.  I didn't need anything.  They had Premo clay.  They had all the new colors for $2.09 for a 2 ounce bar and they had 1 pound bars for $10.99.  I already have 420 bars of clay.  Now I have 435.  We went to lunch downtown Tempe at a place called House of Tricks.  Awesome food but my GPS didn't tell me that yesterday was ASU's graduation in Tempe.  Hope those kids find jobs.  From there we went to a beading store in Peoria that was having a 50% off of everything sale because the road is going to be paved for a week and they knew business would be bad.  I didn't need anything.  Spent $56 but got out paying $28 because of the sale.  Now I can't find room to put all this stuff.  AM I THE ONLY ONE?

I did some clay work this week trying to get my mind off Booboo.  I made this pendant and matching earrings.  I wore it yesterday when we went out.  It wasn't wired the way I wanted it to be but when I opened a package of coiled wire, the wire sprang out and ripped a slice in my thumb one inch long.  Couldn't hold anything for 2 days.

It's a form of Mokume Gane and has Magic Glos on it.  By the way, my cameras are acting funny again.  I think they are going through MENopause.  If you click on this you can see it better.


In the August 2008 issue of Bead and Button there is a pattern in there for a beaded bead.  It's actually right angle weave with two needles and is very simple.  I made a bead and it's beautiful but it's a big honking thing.  I used some size 11, gold seed beads on it and after handling it a couple times, the gold rubbed off.  Can't remember where I got these.  I've started a herringbone necklace to put it on and I'm using the same seed beads.  The gold is coming off again.

I'll post a picture when I'm done.   Cameras  and I weren't getting along today.


I bought a ton of Tila Beads (two hole beads).  I love making these earrings.  I put 3 pair in my Arfire store at  Since I over bought (:0) on those also, I'm selling the earrings very cheap.  At least this keeps me out of the bar and off the streets.

My relatives don't want any more jewlery.

I wonder if we can take over AA and just call it BA and PCA.  I know I'm not alone in this!!!!!!

Goodnight Booboo.


surfingcat said...

No you're not alone! It helps to stay out of the shops, as long as you can steer clear of the online ones too!

I get twitchy if I am running short of clay, I use kato which I can't get in the shops here so have to order online, that means waiting at least a day- but I could have an emergency!

I'll watch to see what name you come up with.

Stay out of those bead shops!

Kathy said...

LoL, Bonnie, I love reading your escapades. (Sorry about the wire, though! Ouch!)

I feel like a meeting like this would be counterproductive, though. I mean, do any of us really want to change or do we just feel a bit guilty so we think we should look like we want to change but we don't???

If it's an undercover operation like that, I'm so in. Let the "normal" people think we think we have a problem with having this much stuff. We can discuss secret stashing techniques... This sounds promising.

troods said...

Mmmmm, that's me alright. I've tried to cut down on the beads since I'm going all out on clay. But then I see beads on ebay, or etsy, or!!

Lupe Meter said...

Love that new technique on Mokume gane that you used...beautiful! Glad I didn't go shopping with you gals...I would have been broke by now. Forgot totally about the sale at A2Z Beads...ugh. Probably cuz I wanted to stay off Bell road! Glad you got some good deals. Where did you get the 2 hole beads...I want some those! lol At least I know where to find the new Premo clay before the retreat. I have yet to see it at Michaels and JoAnns. If they do it is only a couple of colors. Glad you are keeping busy!