Sunday, May 1, 2011


There is just something special about May1st.  At home in Wisconsin it can be 80 or 30 on May 1st.  Here in Arizona it's a beautiful day.  I know I just did a blog last night but this morning something beautiful happened and I wanted to share it.  I heard a noise coming from across the street.  My neighbors are both gone for the summer and I watch the house of one of them.  Between the two neighbors there is a big cactus and look what I found in there:

There were 4 little mouths singing for food.  Not sure what they are yet.  My husband thinks they are cactus wrens.  They might be baby quail.  I'll keep updating with pictures.



Silke said...

Oh, so cute!! I put up a blog post today about our baby wrens leaving the nest. I love that yours are in a cactus! Happy May Day!! Hugs, Silke

Lupe Meter said... cute are they! They are probably cactus wrens. Keep sending the pictures. 8D