Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have two friends on the east coast and I sent them emails last night to find out if they were ok and both are doing just fine.

One of them is Linda of  She's in Vermont, but if you read her blog and see her beautiful picture, she'll tell you about what she's did to prepare for Irene.  I've always wanted to go to Vermont.  Probably because of the maple syrup and now I can go see Linda.

The other one is Lynda of SC Diva Designs.  Lynda is is one of the most talented woman I know when it comes to polymer clay.  I've purchased many of her tutorials from Etsy and the latest is her Faux Jade Tutorial  just click on the link and it will take you right there.  This is one of the most complete tutorials I've ever seen.  Her instructions on finishing are worth the price of tutorial.  Not only that, she gives you  recipes for 16 different colors of jade.  This Friday I woke up with another one of my killer migraines but I decided I wasn't going to let it get me down and I was going to make some faux jade.  After I was done, I realized I had done one of the steps backwards from the way Lynda does it but I like the way these turned out.  I used a different kind of clay than Lynda suggests in her tutorial and I got plaquing but I like it and Lynda did too.

I added more translucent to the 3 on the right because the green lady was kind of mushy when I was working on her.   The bottom one I hand carved the other 3 I used stamps.  You can click on them to see them up close.  I spent a lot of time sanding and buffing them.


The wedding is 3 weeks from yesterday.  I got my shoes in the mail yesterday.  Patent leather sandals with 3 inch heels.
I left the picture small because I have big feet and it wouldn't look so bad.  Anyway, I have to practise walking in these.  I haven't had a 3 inch heel on in 20 years.  Wish me luck.  I have to take the gifts to the altar in the church.  Hope there is a Wayne Crane there to pick me up when I fall.  They really are comfortable, at least they were while I was sitting down :0).  If you have any suggestions about how to walk in heels, now is the time to come forward.

Anyway, I finished the netted necklace and now Mr. Fashionista says it isn't fufu enough for the wedding outfit.  So, I'll wear it for the rehearsal dinner.

Needs a bracelet and earrings to match.  If this headache ever goes away I'll start one.  If anyone has a remedy for migraines, please let me know.  I'm doing a polymer clay class tomorrow with a lady that does energy healing.  She is going to show my husband the pressure points so he can help with my headaches.  I told him that and he gave me one of those funny looks and then poked me in the forehead and said "how's that?).  He still doesn't get it :0).


Lupe Meter said...

Your netted necklace turned out beautiful as I knew it would! Stunning!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Bonnie, my friend, you do me so proud! I love your faux jade creations, and I cannot wait to see what you do with the other colors. And if you can hand carve like this, you don't need stamps! WOW! I am so impressed!

Thank you so much for the promo. You are the best!

And, I agree with Lupe. Mr. Fashionista needs to go back to his day job. LOL That necklace is stunning and elegant and I am sure is perfect for the wedding ensemble. :)


Linda K. said...

Bonnie, That necklace is totally stunning. I can't imagine that it's not dressy enough to wear to the wedding! It's elegant and rich.

The faux jade beads that you made are the best I've ever seen. I don't even like Jade and I think they're wonderful!