Saturday, June 9, 2012


Yesterday was a HAPPY DAY.  I won a set of Penni Jo Couch's Clay Tools.

Got them in the mail yesterday.

As you can see I already put them to use.  I love the little picker to put holes in beads. 
Thank you Penni Jo, these are wonderful.  Her tools are on sale until June 15th here:

This is a pendant I made with the Lynne cane from the previous post.  It hasn't been baked yet and I used some tuille to give it a softer look.  Once it's sanded and buffed it will be beautiful, I hope.  The great thing about the Lynne cane is that when you cut off the ends when you are putting it together, the junk pieces are really pretty so I made beads from them and then make golf stroke counters from the beads.

These need baking and will go in the tumbler and get polished.

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