Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love Arizona in the winter but I'm already tired of the heat.  It's been 100 AND STUPID here for over a week.  Friday it was 112, today it's going to be 103 but that's only from noon until 7 o'clock.  The rest of the time it's about 85.  No humidity but the sun is very hot.  It's too early to have this kind of weather.  I'm cranky already.

Anyway, having to stay inside, I get more stuff done.

This is a Sutton Slice pendant I did with a piece of a cane and black clay.  The black part on the top was textured with a doily.  The rim was done with a piece of lace and Pearlex powder.  Then sanded and buffed.  I'm making a black herringbone necklace for it.

Another clay back ground with watch parts and resin.

A piece of eye cane from the Barbara Maguire class I took last November.  It's getting hard, I need to use it.

I used fancy crimp covers on her.  I didn't use magic glos on this one.  I used another uv resin and had some bubble problems even though I let it sit before I put it in the light.  I dug out the one bunch of little bubbles and put another coat of resin on it and put the crimp cover in the opening where the bubbles were.  Normally I take the clay out of the bezzle and glue it back in but I couldn't get her out of the bezzle.  That's what caused the late bubbles.  The heat from the UV light caused the air to come up from under the baked clay piece.  I was in a hurry when I took the pictures and didn't wipe the dust off of them first.  That's all the little white stuff you see.

Rose's Bracelet

My friend Rose came over yesterday and she had this bracelet she made.  It was her first of this kind.  She does a ton and I mean a ton of Kumihimo.  This is a Kumihimo braid made into a bracelet.  It fit me perfect and matched what I was wearing.  She made me give it back to her.  I guess I'll have to make one for myself. LOL  The balls sit up when you put the bracelet on.  It's really cute.

I was going to put up a picture of Buster but I thought you girls would like this better.  You can sit and stare and day dream.  For those of you who don't recognize him, it's Jim Caviezel from the show "Person of Interest".  Thursday night was a big night for me.  First Jim and then The Mentalist.  I don't answer the phone from 8 to 10.  Now I'm watching reruns of both shows on Thursday night.  He whispers.  I told my husband I wish my number would come up so he would follow me around for a while.  I got that "who are you kidding you old bag" look.  And then he said, why do you need him when you have Buster following you around all the time?  They don't get it.
He is cute though.


Linda K. said...

Bonnie, why don't you come and visit me in Vermont? It's 60 degrees and sunny right now. It'll probably get up to 70 today. And the golf course here in town has a 4 1/2 star rating from Golf Digest.

I love your pendants. The sutton slice with all the texture and the surprise of colors spiraling out of the black is my favorite.

I cracked up when I saw the photo of Jim Caviezel and read your comment about wishing your number would come up. I totally get it. I think he's the best looking man on TV and I love his show.

Cara Jane said...

We're moaning about the rain here but I wouldn't want to swap you for that heat! Glad it means you get lots of creative time - looks like you are having a ball!