Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Transfers, Cats and Buster Day

Everyone knows how much I love cats, especially the little black and white one that wakes me up at 5 every morning.  I love dogs but cats and kittens just seem to know I'm one of them.  The last 4 I've had trained me well.  Buster is 10 months old now and still makes me laugh all day long.

He thinks the laundry basket fits just perfect.

Today when I pulled the chair away from the table, he was hiding under there.  I keep towels on my kitchen chairs so he doesn't scratch the leather.  He plays tag.  He runs up real fast, stands up and smacks one of us on the arm and then runs away.

Anyway, I found a wonderful Ebay store that had some cat charms relatively cheap so I made some pendants but haven't decided how to finish them yet.  They might end up being key ring charms or purse blings.
This shows a cat with a halo and angel wings, not Buster.

I had a cabochon sitting on my desk for two years and finally decided what to do with it.

I started beading around it.  Started over 4 times because I didn't like the beads.  Now I have to decide how to hang it.

Last but not least.  I love doing transfers on to clay but they don't always turn out.  A couple years ago a friend made these laser copies for me and I forgot about them.  Found them the other day and thought I would give it a try.  Didn't know if two or three year old copies would work and these are pretty big.  It worked great.  It's on white clay and is covered with resin.  The thing that looks like a tiara is actually going to be the bail.

I'm getting a new laser printer today.  I'm really excited.  I want to try more transfer work and use family pictures.  I don't have good luck with printers and cameras so this will be interesting.  My friend suggested I keep the new printer covered since Buster loves printers.


Lupe Meter said...

Beautiful creations, Bonnie!! That beaded cab is awesome! Laser printers are the way to go...that transfer pendant is gorgeous!! That Buster is something...what a cutie!

Tina Holden said...

What kind of laser printer have you decided on Bonnie? I'm contemplating getting one, but not sure what brand...

Cara Jane said...

I have just started on transfers and fancy doing some with photos of the kids - oh the fun you could have! Be great to have a laser printer - a pain having to go out to get a copy done in the middle of a creative moment. Have fun - and watch out for that cat lol!