Tuesday, April 8, 2014


At least it's in the air for people who don't live in Arizona and Florida who can golf all winter long.  I usually quit golfing in May when it starts to get in the 90's here in Arizona.
For a long time I made golf stroke counters and put them in my Etsy and Artfire stores and then I got lazy.  It takes a long time to make the polymer clay beads, bake them, varnish them, bake them again and drill the holes in them because I did it by hand.  I now have a new Dremel that my husband bought me so that's one step that is easier now.  Last year I sold 27 golf stroke counters which I thought was pretty good since they were just a side line for when I got bored.  I just sold another one and have requests for more so here I am making beads again.  I go back and forth from the golf stroke counters to the Kumihimo pens.

A lot of people buy these for purse blings and walking counters too.  I have to get busy and make a lot more.  I have a guy in Connecticut who ordered 5 for his wife and her friends.  Got the feeling he thinks they need to keep better track of their golf strokes.

This is the Green Bay Packers pen I made.  It has bling on the top with a great magnet so it can be put on the refrigerator or a metal lamp on a desk.  I sent my friend one in the nursing home and she has it on her wheel chair because she does crossword puzzles.  I've made about 20 so far and I think it's Kumihimo that gave me the tendonitis in my rotator cuff.  Oh well, lots of Biofreeze and Advil.

Have a good week, I have to go walk the dogs.

I love it when the 3 of them walk together.  The little one on the right gets pushed over some times but he still holds his own.  I'm getting to be a Master Pooper Scooper.

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