Saturday, July 12, 2014


I didn't really lose them, I mailed them away to a sweet little girl.  My sister's niece makes adorable knit and crocheted hats for babies and adults.  She also makes ear warmers and scarves.  She's going to be opening an Etsy shop in September as soon as she gets her inventory up.  She uses buttons for some of the hats and the scarves and I thought it would be nice if she had some hand made polymer clay buttons.  I wanted to get them to her as fast as possible so I worked furiously to get a couple batches done.
I made a few shank buttons but most of them are textured or molded with two holes.  If you want to make your own buttons and you aren't sure how to do it or how to finish them, Carolyn Good of 2 Good Claymates has a tutorial on Etsy on how to make buttons.   It's an excellent tutorial and she takes you step by step.HERE  I like Carolyn's tutorials because they are precise and clear.  I have been making buttons from polymer clay for 10 years but I bought her tutorial to find out how she finishes her beautiful buttons.

About 8 years ago our guild had a button exchange.  I went a little over board and I made about 200 buttons.
These are from our button exchange and I sold 50 to lady who's daughter made sewn purses.  She really liked the big ones.

The woman I sent the buttons to has a 3 year old baby that was born with a tumor on the back of her neck and has no use of her left arm.  She has to be on oxygen constantly.  My friend had to quit her job to take care of the baby because of all the specialized care the baby requires.  She is the cutest baby you have ever seen.  I hope her shop does really well and I will provide a link when it's up and running.  Here is a link to her facebook page so you can see all the cute things she makes. Yinky Winks.

Have a good Friendship Day, and make sure you remember your friends with a nice email.

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2 Good Claymates said...

Your buttons are really lovely Bonnie! I am so happy to hear that you enjoy my tutorials.