Monday, July 21, 2014


Eleven weeks ago today I had foot surgery.  I thought I would be walking in a shoe and driving a long time ago but that hasn't happened yet.  I see my foot doctor every two weeks and he has a strange sense of humor so I thought I would make him something to match his sense of humor.

I made him a pen of polymer clay and of course I made it black and blue since that's what my foot looked like for 4 weeks.  Then I made the little foot and cut an incision on it the same place mine is.  I used wire to put the stitches in over the incision.  Then I stamped his name in a piece of clay and put it on the bottom of the foot before I baked it and used paint to enhance the letters.  I put a magnet on it also so he can attach it to his desk or cabinet.
This is the foot before I baked it.  I used Fimo and it turned really dark when I baked it.  I can't remember what color it was but it looked like skin without the freckles.

My foot doctor's nurse is also my orthopedic doctor's nurse and she's a sweet heart so I thought I better make her a pen too.  The flowers on this pen are from an old cane that I made two years ago.  I put another tiny screw in the side of the pen so I could put a jump ring and the HOPE charm on the side.  This one also has a magnet with beads attached to it.

I found the purple African Violet at Lowes and it was tiny and pathetic and almost dead.  It was the lat one left so I thought I would give it a home and see if I could save it.  The white one was from Ace and didn't look good either when I brought it home.  They over watered it and the leaves are just now getting healthy.  I put them in a north window which is on my kitchen table so I eat breakfast with them every morning and they are looking wonderful.  My grandma and her sister always had beautiful violets and I could never get one to grow.  I found some special pots for violets.  The top comes out and you fill the bottom with water and they drink from the bottom.  I think that's the trick.  I'm trying to grow another one in the middle with cuttings from the purple and the white one.  There won't be a place to eat on the table if this keeps up.

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Linda K. said...

You are so creative, Bonnie. I'll bet your doctor gets a big kick out of that pen. And of course, his nurse will love hers.

The African violet pots ARE the key to getting them to grow, as well as the right amount of sunlight. You're not supposed to water them from above because it stains the leaves. I bought an orchid at Aldi's for $1.99 (!!!) and put it in an African violet pot and it's thriving. These pots are great when you go on vacation, too. I think any plant that likes a steady amount of moisture will work in them.