Thursday, July 3, 2014


Today it's suppose to be 111 here in Phoenix.  I live in the northwest side of Phoenix but what they get, we get.  The only thing they get more of is rain.  It's monsoon season here and to me that means it should be raining.  NOT A DROP ANY WHERE.

It's been 9 weeks since I had foot surgery and I still can't put a shoe on.  I wear one of my husbands socks on my surgery foot and one of my own on the other foot.  Good thing we both have lots of socks.

At least I've been able to get back in my studio to do some clay.  I had an email from a lady in Boston telling me she just got a new golf bag and asked if I would make a golf stroke counter to match her bag.  I asked her to send me a picture of her golf bag.
I love this thing.  She asked to have it made in teal, orange, red, black, hot pink and purple and she wanted it glitzy.

This is the one she chose.  And I had enough beads to make two more.

Then my neighbor came over and asked if I could make a necklace for her daughter in law and she wanted white.  I don't like making things just white and it's a pain working with white clay.  I had to really clean my whole work area, I used translucent clay to clean my pasta machine.  Had a 10 gallon bottle of alcohol out to clean things.  I did a Mokume Gane with with white, translucent, silver and pearl.  I made a beautiful pendant and had already put the Magic Glos on it and then decided to bake a bail on it.  It says you can bake Magic Glos.  My pendant came out of the oven and the Magic Glos was yellow.  I threw it away and decided to try some white and mica powders in bezels.
 The cord on this was done with Kumihimo.  The silver star is on the clay under the resin but the Swarovski crystals are on top of the resin.

I also did a swirly lentil bead on a fine silver chain but forgot to take a picture of it.  When she came over today she said she wanted all four and wrote me out a check.

It's really been a great day.  I got a call from the doctor saying the biopsy he did on my leg on Tuesday was benign and I sold 4 necklaces for a lot more than I was asking.  Now if only I could get a shoe on so I could go to the casino.  LOL


Linda K. said...

WOW, Bonnie! Those white pieces are stunning! I'm not surprised that she bought all 4. The multi-colored golf counters are also wonderful. Great news on the biopsy. I hope you get that shoe on soon.


Lupe Meter said...

That is great news about the biopsy, Bonnie! I agree with Linda, your white pieces are beautiful!! Great job on that golf counter too! I am also finally in my studio too! :) Hoping that your foot will finally be able to slip into your shoe again...that would drive me crazy! Hugs!