Thursday, April 16, 2015


The on-going experiment of using Pebeo Prisme in a mold has come to an end.

After 72 hours I tried to pop the paint out of the mold,  it didn't pop.  It shredded and was a mess.
I cleaned the mold with alcohol and Armor All.  This is what was left.  I put some Magic Glos in the mold and left it in the UV light for 30 minutes.  When I took it out, the side that touched the mold was really sticky.  I put it back in the UV light but that didn't solve the stickiness.  I cleaned the mold out again and put clay in it and it came out fine so the mold is not a loss.

This is the resin pendant I made after pulling the paint out.  On the sticky side, I painted it with Pebeo Vitrail paint which is a translucent paint.  Then I put Pebeo glitter paint on that.

After the glitter paint dried, I put Prisme colors on the other side.  I waited 2 days for it to dry and then I sprayed both sides with resin spray.  The back with Vitrail on stayed sticky for 2 days and the side with the Prisme wasn't sticky at all.  Might be the glitter paint.  I guess I'll have to put Magic Glos on that side.  The resin spray is really strong smelling.  The colors in this are emerald, violet, cinnamon and egg shell.

So, the moral of the story is, don't put the Pebeo paints in flexible rubber molds.

If you are interested, the molds come from Best Flexible Molds  These are my favorite molds.  You can use UV resin in them but not two part resin.

This is a set I just finished using Cherry Blossom and turquoise Prisme.  The great thing about these paints is, if you don't like how the pattern turns out or the color, you can pull it out and start over.  Unfortunately, you can't do that on a canvas.

The sling is gone so I can clay but I have to use a motor so it's very noisy.  I'm working on little bowls to put rings in.  I need one for my rings and my favorite earrings.

Four more weeks of therapy and I'll be able to iron, vacuum and mop floors. OH BOY!


Lupe Meter said...

These pendants are even more beautiful up close, Bonnie! Awesome experiments...keep on experimenting! Those paints are on my list to purchase next! Glad your arm is on the road to healing! :)

Jen McMahon said...

Hi Bonnie,
When you say you "pull it out and start over" do you mean you remove the paint? If so, do you use something like mineral spirits to do that? I have been having fun using these paints on glass, but there are a few I would like to do over. Thank you for your help.

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Jen, sometimes if the paint isn't entirely dry I use a toothpick to dig it out. If you have a thin coat of paint, you can just paint over it. Mineral spirits will loosen it. That's why when I use it for jewelry I put resin on the top. Hope that helps.