Saturday, May 30, 2015


As you know I love these Pebeo paints.  The result is a surprise every time I use them.

My sweet dentist that I made the crosses for in the previous post loved the pendant I made his assistant and he asked if I would make one for his wife.  Of course I forgot to take a picture of the one I gave her.  I decided I wanted to do a test with polymer clay and Pebeo again and make his wife a pendant like the one I made my friend only smaller.

Sorry the background looks dirty but these are still wet and I didn't want to touch them or move them.  If you look at the large football shaped pendant in the middle (click on the picture), you will see squares of texture coming through the paint.  I made the polymer clay base by running my sheet of clay which was done on the pasta machine on number 1 which is the largest setting on my machine.  I ran the clay through again on the number 1 with a thin rubber texture sheet.  
I got this from Shades of Clay many years ago and haven't seen them any where since.  It goes through the pasta machine so easy.  I doubled the clay in half so each side would have the squares and circles texture on it.  Pressed it together and then cut out the pendant shapes.  Since the bottom was flatter after I baked it, I put the paint on the bottom.  When I put the paint on I used a toothpick, I thought I put it on pretty heavy.  When I looked an hour later, I could see the circle starting to show through.  I was kind of surprised but I really liked the effect.  Once the paint is dry, I'll put Magic Glos on to protect them.  I usually do one of coat of Magic Glos, sand the edges and back and buff them and then put another coat of Magic Glos on.  I don't know if the texture will show through the Magic Glos or not.  I'll take some pictures when I'm done.  


BUT, I do find things that I bought and forgot about.
I was looking for something the other day and found some Secret Compartment Key Chains that I forgot I had.  So, I put some clay on them and they will go in my Etsy shop.  I love these things for keeping pills or toothpicks in.  I keep my migraine pills in one and hang it on my purse.

I've had a migraine all day and it's been a really bad one.  I was laying back in the recliner on the couch and Buster

Came up and laid on me for an hour so I guess I got my cat scan today.  Didn't help the headache but made me feel better.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I'm glad you have Buster for emergencies, Bonnie :) Sometimes a little kitty TLC does help :)

Do I understand correctly that your patterns showed up even though they were on the bottom of your pendants? Was it mica clay for a partial shift? That is a fascinating effect. Are you going to try putting the paint on the impressed side? Or is that not recommended? Are these enough questions for now? LOL

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Monique, when I did the pendants I had texture on both sides but after I baked them, the bottom side was flatter so I used that side to put the Pebeo on. Today the texture is showing up even more and I'm going to put Magic Glos on today, hopefully.

A Dd said...

I read, enjoy and learn from your blog. Thanks! Keep on posting.

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Penni Jo AKA Claylady43 said...

Beautiful designs Bonnie. Thanks so much for sharing.
Penni Jo