Thursday, May 21, 2015


I've decided that I'm going to start being flamboyant.  Not that I was ever shy but as I'm getting older I seem to lean toward glitzy things.  So, when I over do something and it's too wild I'm just going to say it's from the new flamboyant muse side of me.  You are probably wondering where this is going.

I had mouth surgery two weeks ago and I still feel like there is a canyon in my mouth and helicopters are flying in and out.  My periodontist is one of nicest people I have ever met.  He's kind and caring and is very concerned about his patients.  When I am in his chair however, he starts every sentence with my name which at first I thought was a little strange but now I understand the man and that's just one of his great little quirks.  He belongs to a Christian church and he and his wife do a lot of charity work for people around Phoenix.  He collects clothes in his office for the homeless and they give a lot of their time to help homeless children.  He loves crosses and he's always finding one to give to the wife of the pastor also.  I had 4 wooden crosses here that I haven't done anything with and I was going to put polymer clay on them but the Pebeo paints were sitting there and those things are always calling my name.  SO:

Here are the 4 crosses that I made him.  Most of them I painted over at least twice sometimes 3 times because I didn't like the color or the paint.  They all now have a base paint of Pebeo Moon.  The top one looks like it has wet flour on it but it's white with moon rock which is kind of silver.  The Pebeo paints did something strange when I put them on the cross.  They pulled into the middle and no matter how much I tried to stretch them back across, they still pulled into the middle so I left them that way.  If he doesn't like them he can give them to the pastor's wife.  I was going to glue little animal buttons to the plain blue one but changed my mind.  Might do one of those for myself since I'm the animal lover.

NOW, you have to see this.  My friend Lupe Meter came over yesterday and brought me a salad from Kneaders.  It was awesome.  While she was here I gave her a half of a block of the new Premo Opal clay.  I should have given her the whole thing.  Lupe is working on a faux abalone project with polymer clay and what she has done is incredible.  Check out her blog:

I didn't want to copy the pictures because you have to see the whole blog to appreciate what beautiful work she does.  She really inspires me.

Thanks for visiting, I'll let you know what the doctor says about the crosses.  He's so nice he would say he liked them even if he didn't.  Time to get this helicopter out of my tooth.

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Lupe Meter said...

Aw...thanks for including me in your blog, Bonnie! :) Your crosses are beautiful!!! You amaze me with what you do with those paints! Now, if I can find the time to play with those paints with all the projects that I have lined up. I barely get a chance to clean up my work space and then it is messy all over again!