Monday, December 7, 2015


I'm sure you've heard me say that before but right now it's really true.  I had to make an ornament for our guild's Christmas party.  We are doing an ornament exchange.  What started out to be a simple little ornament turned out to be 40 hours of experiments, "Let's do that again", put more stuff on it and on and on and on.  I can't put a picture up yet but I will after the guild party.

I did make 4 ornaments for my sister who has a new grand baby.  I didn't have a very good picture to start with so they didn't turn out the way I really wanted but I like them.

I printed pictures of Kim using the wallet size format.  I did it on a regular printer and my laser printer.  The regular printer came out brighter so I used those.  I took the sheet outside and sprayed both sides with PYMII.  I traced a small heart around the picture and cut it out to make sure it fit.  I mixed white and pearl clay and ran them through the past machine with a Christmas texture sheet and cut out the big heart.  The first one I coated the back side of the heart with Genesis and when I baked that, the picture popped off.  The second one I did, I coated the plain side with Kato liquid clay and put the picture on it.  I cut another large heart out of the white clay and then cut the smaller heart out from the center and laid that over the picture and the bottom heart.  Then I used the texture sheet and textured the top part of the heart.  I used pearl mica powder on top of it and then I baked it.  The picture stayed down and never buckled.  I made the back heart and imprinted the words, textured it and baked it.  There are 3 layers of Magic Glos on each picture.  The heart and the fern were rub ons that were put on the first layer of Magic Glos.  I glued the smaller heart on the back and finished the top making a hanger with 18 and 20 gauge wire and a bow.  The PYMII worked great to protect the picture from the liquid clay and the Magic Glos.

I was getting the ornaments out to decorate the tree and when I came back from the garage there was Buster checking out the ornaments and the box.

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Lupe Meter said...

Love how you did these ornaments, Bonnie! I am going to have to make some for my grandkids!