Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Judy, Judy, Judy

Today I have a special blog. It's called Judy, Judy, Judy. A few months ago I brought some of my polymer clay things to a club that I belong to. It's mostly women and that's probably because we sit for hours and knit and crochet and gossip. We also do charity work. We make chemo caps for cancer patients and afghans and lap robes for the Salvation Army, Caps and baby blankets for preemies and babies born to poor families. We make afghans and caps for a school class of very poor children. Most of the women in this group are 10, 20 or 30 years older than I am and I'm no spring chicken. Let's just say I got my first Social Security check not too long ago. Anyway, a lady joined the club and I knew she was my age and she came over and sat at our table. She was kind of quiet and reserved but very sweet. She could crochet anything. She's made the most beautiful afghans I've ever seen. Well, Judy asked me one day if I would consider giving her a class in polymer clay and I said I would love to. She came over and I think we spent 3 hours together. She caught on so fast she made my head spin, she had ideas and questions and when she left I was dizzy from all the excitement. Well, Judy and I have spent at least 3 more sessions together since that first one and every time I see her she's wearing a necklace that she made of polymer clay. We did one short jewelry making class and I've created a monster but this monster is one of the most artistic and waaaayyy out there monsters. Check these necklaces in the pictures below. She's got pizazz, I've got boring, she's got wild, I've got plain, she's got "LOOK AT ME", I've got hmmmmmmm. Anyway, I am so proud of her, she's not afraid to try anything or put something together that I never would have thought to put together. Her pieces are getting better and better and better and now she's learned how to buff her beads so we have a whole new ballgame. I guess you can tell from reading this I'm a little jealous, wish I could think outside the box like Judy does. OH BOY DO I EVER? Actually, she's inspired me to do just that. You are going to be hearing and seeing a lot about Judy and her polymer clay pieces. We are going to get her on Etsy and I'm guessing people are going to start buying her things right off her neck pretty soon. Her designs are so great I'm sure she's going to get noticed and then she'll be so busy making jewelry she'll find excuses not to call or email me and her jewelry will be on the front cover of Polymer Cafe and then she'll be doing a book and I'll be in a nursing home telling every one, I KNEW HER WHEN. Judy my dear, I love you and I'm there for you, you are a sweetie. Bring me chocolate when you visit me in the nursing home.

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