Thursday, December 10, 2009


Right now I'm sitting here listening to Andre Boceli's new Christmas album called "My Christmas".  I think I have all of his CD's.  I remember hearing someone say "IF GOD HAD A SINGING VOICE, THAT WOULD BE IT". 

Anyway, some friends of mine are coming over tomorrow and we are going to have lunch here and do a little gift exchange.  I had made these Casablanca beads and wasn't sure how and where I wanted to put the hole and what I would use to hang them with.  I've taken a number of wire wrapping classes but would still like to take a few more, I'm not comfortable with it yet.  I have some DVD's I've been watching and they help.  I guess it's like bowling and golf, the more you practice the better you get.  I have 12 wire wrapping books and I look at them occasionally.  I decided that these beads needed something more so I jumped right in tonight.  It was fun and I think they turned out pretty good considering I don't do this much, hardly ever, seldom.  Guess you got the point.  I'm going to start doing more because it's actually fun and I bought a new toy.  I ordered some bits for my Dremel that have little cups on the end and when you do wire work, you put the end of the wire in the cups and it files the end of the wire down so it's smooth.  I'll take some pictures this weekend and show you.  It's a wonderful thing.  I ordered a set of these things so you can use all sizes of wire, problem is, I can't remember where I put the set.  It's getting late, I played golf, it was cold.  Yes it does get cold in Arizona.  We've had some frost the last couple nights.  Going to put my pajamas on and snuggle up with the cat.

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