Friday, December 4, 2009


A few months ago, a friend of mine who had been doing clay for a long time asked if I would show her how to use a bead roller.  She was having problems and just couldn't get it going.  We spent about two hours together rolling beads.  I probably have every bead roller made.  When my husband had his open heart surgery in 2006, I sat for hours making beads and using the bead rollers.  He slept alot and I didn't want to make a lot of noise.  I took all my left over clay and left over canes and made beads by the hundreds.  I baked them and put them in a box.  One day my friend Rose came over and found the box and took all my beads.  She made two necklaces out of them and they were beautiful.  She wouldn't give them back.

Well, when my friend came over I decided to make a bunch of beads and make myself a necklace somewhat like Roses but I wanted to make it with metallic or pearl clay.  I made beads of every different color you can imagine by mixing pearl clay with bits of colored clay.  They turned out beautiful.  Once again, I put them in a box thinking I would get to them later.  Took a couple beads out and made earrings out of them but left the rest in a box.  6 months later I took out the box and made my friend Brenda some earrings.  She loved the ones I made before and wanted some so I made them.  Then I got into an earring making frenzy.  Here they are.
Brenda now has 10 different sets of earrings, Rose has two necklaces, Susan learned how to use the bead rollers and I have another box full of beads AND what did I do today?  I made a bunch of beads on my bead rollers.  Maybe they will be made into something wonderful someday and find a good home.

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