Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today I was looking at my friend Lupe's blog and she always has interesting things and beautiful items that she does.  She has a way with putting polymer clay and beads together.  Anyway, on her blog she referenced a new website that I hadn't seen yet and I don't know why not.  It is the most beautiful blog I've ever seen.  I asked her to come to Arizona and build me one LOL.  Her name is Cat and this is her blog .  She has music and beautiful pictures.

Cat is giving away this necklace you just need to visit her gorgeous website and leave a comment and mention her on your blog.

I'm still working on some buttons for our button exchange.  I'm going golfing this afternoon.  Need to get some exercise and get away from the computer and the mess in the dining room from the construction.

Thanks CAT I love your website.

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In the Light of the Moon said...

You are so sweet.Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me and for posting about my giveaway.Have a wonderful wonderful day.Warmest regards,Cat