Monday, February 8, 2010

Hinged Polymer Clay Pendant

This is going to be a short blog today.  I have to get everything out of my studio because the construction guys are coming tomorrow to take the walls down and repair the damage from the big storm we had two weeks ago.  I don't know how long I'm going to be working in the dining room but I'm getting claustrophobic already.  AND, I can't find anything.  I put things in the garage and the closets and drawers and boxes.

Anyway, the picture is of a hinged pendant that I made this weekend.  It's polymer clay and I made the hinges myself.  I took a Tory Hughes class on Saturday and Sunday and it was fabulous. She's the only woman I know that travels with a 40 pound belt sander and a drill press.   She is a great teacher and she went out of her way to show me that I needed to reach within myself to find my art.  I like using cutters and forms and texture sheets and doing things that are more classic instead of earthy.  Tory is a very earthy person and her work reflects that.  It's beautiful and complicated but soft and when you look at it, it says Tory Hughes on it.  She tried to make me feel that and at first I was afraid but then the inner me took over.  My piece is still not without some outside influence but it's better.
Tory makes you want to be one with the dirt and the earth which is hard for me because I'm not an earthy person.  I was raised to be classic and mop up the dirt not put it in my clay.  Maybe I can be one with the plaster for the next few weeks.
Thanks Tory, YOU ROCK and dirt and paint and hinge and sand and drill :0).


Rose said...

nice work. I like the color. can't wait to see what you do next.

Victoria said...

Thanks, Bonnie. Your willingness to face into what seemed to be fear, and realize it is just mastery in disguise, is a great lesson for everyone. It was delightful to have you in the class! Tory

Melobeau said...

WONDERFUL hinged PC pendant! Your work is new to me and I'm so glad to know about you. I just spent a very enjoyable time looking at your sites. Hope to spend more time this afternoon while things are curing. Especially enjoying your BonRose Necklace at Etsy. I wouldn't have thought the different bead designs would work together, but they do SO WELL!I find it VERY appealing. Also enjoyed your photos of AZ. Looks like the view out my front door, too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pendant Bonnie! I agree with Rose, I love the color and can't wait to see what you add to it!