Friday, October 28, 2011


As my snowman and snow girl obsession continues to grow, I'm getting very little else done.  I did finish another necklace for the craft fair and I only 5 days left until I have to turn everything in.  These snow people are now getting names.  I think I need group therapy for this obsession.  Is there a polymer clay snow people group out there?  I'll bring the wine and the whine.

This is Happy Harry.  He's hanging from a woman's neck and that's why he's happy.  You can click on the picture to see him up close.

This is Sideways Sam.  He has a leaf on his head and a few berries.  The leaf looks a toupe that didn't quite sit straight when he was in a hurry to get dressed this morning.

This is Jingle John.  His ornaments match his scarf and mittens.

My sister thinks I should make a Mr. and Mrs. Snowman for everyone in the family.  If I start now, I could be done by Christmas 2012.


Lupe Meter said...

Oh, Bonnie, these are adorable!! I want to make more too, but have to do other things...darn! Wishing you much success at the Art Fair!

Linda K. said...

I just love these!