Sunday, October 30, 2011


That is one of my favorite sayings.  I thought I would share it with you so you have an excuse to not behave.

Unfortunately, I've been too well behaved lately.  I've been working on my items for the craft fair and making snow people.  I should be out golfing and bowling and riding my bike but a lower back problem has been holding me back from doing all those things.  Hope to see a back doctor this week so I can get out of the studio and do something fun.  The weather here is Arizona is getting beautiful now.  I feel bad for the people on the east coast with all that snow.  I remember driving to work in snow and seeing cars sliding all over the road and in ditches.  I swore when I retired I never wanted to see snow again.  That's why we are in Arizona.  No more snow for me.  I do miss it on Christmas day though.  OK, enough of the boring stuff.

I finished two more snow people today.  I'm still obsessed with these things.

This is Susie Snowflake.  She has long blond hair and wears too much makeup on her wrinkled face.  She reminds me of that country western song "I like my women a little on the sleazy side".

I'm having camera problems again so bear with me.

This is Michael Mistletoe.  As you can see by all the little hearts, he's a sweetheart.  He's got a little steampunk thing going on.

Tomorow would have been Booboo's 20th birthday.  I was thinking about doing a whole blog on him from the time he was little until the day he passed but I might just celebrate his birthday quietly and think about all the great times we had together and all the entertainment he gave us while he was here.

RIP my dear friend and Happy Birthday to a very special guy.  We love you.

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