Friday, March 9, 2012


I've mentioned my BFF's in many blogs.  You've heard me talk about Rose, Judy and Evelyn.  All three do polymer clay and all three are talented beyond belief.

Today I have to tell you about Evelyn.  She was an art teacher in her other life before she retired and came to Arizona.  She taught in some tough places.  The last couple years has taken a toll on her eyes.  She's fighting macular degeneration and she's still young and vivacious.  Even though she can't see, she is still doing clay and making gorgeous jewelry and fun things for her new granddaughter.

Last month at our clay guild we had a cane exchange and Evelyn wasn't sure what to do since I talked her into it.  She started to stress so I had her come over and we played around with doing Kaleidoscope canes.  She made a beautiful cane that she put into the swap and I was shocked when I opened the package and found the cane that I had fallen in love with.  The colors were vibrant and they were colors that I don't know I would have put together.  She has a way with colors.

This is the original cane she did.  I've been on a rip doing spiral, lentil beads, big ones.  Last night I was looking through my canes and thought what a great bead that cane would make and it would have to be big in order to fully see the detail in the cane.  I just finished sanding and buffing this bead.

I can't wait till Evelyn sees it.


I hope they come up with a cure for macular degeneration soon.  There are too many people out there with talent like her's that we need to cherish and appreciate.

Thanks Evelyn.

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