Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Our city's spring craft fair is this Saturday and I've known that for months.  My beading club is going to have a big booth and we are allowed to put 10 items and 10 pair of earrings in.  There are 140 of us so space is limited.  My stuff had to be in Monday night and I finally finished everything at 5 p.m. Sunday night.  I finally got my muse and figured out what I wanted to do with my polymer clay pendants.  I did a Kumihimo rope for one and then decided I didn't like it so I took it apart and did a Herringbone.  I restrung a couple things 4 times.  Had one done and my husband the jewelry critic didn't like it so I redid it.
This was a large Natasha bead that I had.  Did this in silver with blue and green turquoise pieces.

This spiral was done with a leaf cane.  I made one a little larger and brought it to beading but it sold so fast I had to make another one.  This is a Kumihimo rope.

This is watch parts on polymer clay under resin.  The squares are called bead frames.  Our local bead store went out of business and they wouldn't tell me where they got these.  I really like them.  I have them in silver, gold and the darkened silver.  If you know where I can get them, I would appreciate it.

Last for now is my lady face necklace made from Stroppel cane and the cane I made in the Barbara Maguire face cane class.  I added black volcano beads and coral beads.  It's not symmetric for a change.

Last but not least here is Buster protecting all my silver findings.


Mª Reyes said...

Es todo muy bonito. Besos

Lupe Meter said...

Beautiful creations, Bonnie! Wishing you all much success! I will try and visit you all this weekend if I can. Is it at the same place?

Linda K. said...

Gorgeous creations as usual, Bonnie. Buster looks like he's getting really big!

Alice Stroppel said...
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Alice Stroppel said...

pretty pieces Bonnie... bet they all sell quickly.