Saturday, March 31, 2012


Well, our craft fair is over and I did really well.  Not enough to go on a cruise but enough to keep me in clay and beads for at least a year.

One of my dear friends (Rose) that I've mentioned before didn't make it to the fair.  She ended up in the hospital with chest pains but she's OK and playing with clay and making me laugh again.  If you remember the last Polymer Cafe it had a picture on the front of some beads that Maureen Carlson did.  I looked at them a couple of times but didn't think it would be something I would be interested in doing.  Well, when Rose got her muse on she went to town and made a bouquet full of the cutest beads using Maureen's technique.  She was going to make a necklace but decided they needed to be on wire instead and they are adorable.

Some of the beads have sayings on them for inspiration.

Check out the detail on the faces.  Are they cute or what?  Rose, you did awesome.

  After seeing these I wanted to run home and make a bunch but then I remembered that my studio is a shambles.  I had an order for pendants, an order for a shawl pin and an order for earrings to match some bowling shirts.  On top of that, I have been ripping through my studio and getting rid of a ton of stuff.  Our clay guild is having a "Garage Sale" at our meeting this month so we can bring stuff in to sell.  I wonder how much it will cost to rent a U-Haul.  I'm embarrassed at how much stuff I have and don't use.  I have 2 or 3 of everything.  I think it's PCD.  Polymer Clay Disease.  I also have ILBD.  It's I Love Beads Disease.  Am I alone?  Are there group therapy meetings for this?

Back to work, goodbye stamps, goodbye beads, goodbye 2 extra Marxit tools, I'm keeping the 5 pasta machines just in case. LOL


Rose said...

thanks for putting my beads on your blog. I call them virtue beads 1 for love 2 for courage 3 for acceptance and 4 for wisdom. they were fun to make.

Jodie L. said...

I thought the disease was PCH...(Not Pacific Coast Highway.) Polymer Clay Hoarders. And I am a card carrying member!!! heh heh.

Pips said...

If you find that therapy group Bonnie, sign me up would you? Although with only 2 pasta machines I think I will only be a junior member lol!!! Love those beads that Rose made, such gorgeous colours and textures!