Monday, May 28, 2012


These pendants are made with a base of polymer clay and all but the one on the far left, are covered with Magic Glos.  The inclusions you can use in polymer clay are endless.  I've used Lumiere paints in the resin and on the clay.  You can't use too much in the resin or the UV light won't harden through it.  The second and fifth ones from the left have Martha Stewart star and heart glitters that don't burn when you bake them and don't change color when you put resin on them.  The third and fourth ones are black clay that I textured after I put it in the bezel, used Perfect Pearls and put some dagger beads in the clay and baked it.  I have thousands of dagger beads that I bought to make dagger necklaces and never did it.
The last two on the right are black clay with watch parts and a key from the Tim Holtz collection and charm that I cut the loop off of.  I finally bought a 36 volt UV lamp so I don't have to keep running outside.  I can't use regular resin that has to cure for 48 hours because I have no place to put it that Buster wouldn't be curious about.

This is a pendant that I swirled Lumiere paints in the resin and put dichoric chips.  It's a two sided pendant.  I forgot to take a picture of the back side and I already sold it.


Can't do a blog on Memorial Day without remembering our troops.

Please let our men and women who are fighting for us know that you care and remember our vets who already fought for us so we can have freedoms like doing a blog.

I'm going to be wearing red, white and blue today and lots of it.  Don't forget to put your flag out.

To all veterans and those of you who are still in the service..........



Mª Reyes said...

Son todos fabulosos. Besos

Linda K. said...

Bonnie, I'd like to join you in thanking both our veterans and all the military people who are still serving. We owe them so much.

Every time you post photos of your work, I think, "Well, she'll never top this." But you always do! These pendants are stunning and SO creative. You inspire me.

Tina Holden said...

Right on! I quite like the Martha Stewart glitters. I get mine at Michaels and a bit bottle will go a long way.