Sunday, March 9, 2014


Friday I went out to lunch at Lake Pleasant with some friends.  I know, you didn't know Arizona had lakes.
We have a lake 30 minutes north of us and it's beautiful.  Some of the boats are incredible.  We went to Dillon's restaurant for our friend Robbie's birthday.  They specialize in BBQ ribs.  We sat outside and had a great time and a wonderful lunch.  One of the girls brought cake so we each had a little taste of cake after eating a pound of BBQ pork sandwiches and steak fries.
The views are beautiful.  Part desert, part mountain and part water.
As we were leaving the park, we got a big surprise.  In the middle of the road was the sweetest little burrow I've ever seen and he was really friendly and not scared of people or cars.
We opened the window and he came right up to the car.  We turned around and came back by him to make sure he didn't get hit.
A big guy came along and helped move him back to the side of the road.
He looked hungry and lonely.  I wish we could have given him some cake but they said that wasn't good for him.  They say there are many wild burrow's out by the lake and I was glad to see one but I wish I could have fed him and taken him some where safe.  Some of these guys with their big trucks and big boats were beeping the horn at him.  Like that was going to make him move!!!!!!!!!!
Next time we go out I'm going to take extra Burrow food if I ever figure out what Burrows eat.

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